ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a comprehensive framework that organizations adopt to ensure the consistent delivery of products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. 

ISO 9001, an internationally recognized standard, serves as a blueprint for establishing and maintaining an effective QMS. Key components of QMS include a strong customer focus, process orientation, and a commitment to continual improvement. ISO 9001 outlines criteria for quality objectives, resource management, product realization, and measurement and analysis, providing a structured approach to quality assurance. 

The advantages of implementing QMS, particularly aligned with ISO 9001, are manifold. It fosters a culture of quality within the organization, leading to increased customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced market competitiveness. The systematic approach to processes and continual improvement principles embedded in ISO 9001 not only ensure consistent product quality but also contribute to risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, by focusing on evidence-based decision-making and engagement of employees at all levels, QMS establishes a foundation for sustainable success and adaptability in a dynamic business environment.


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GAP assessment

Evaluation of organization's current quality management practices against the requirements outlined in the standard in order to identify the gaps or areas where the current practices fall short of the standard's requirements.

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Implementation is a strategic process that organizations undertake to establish quality management practices with the goal to create a quality product and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Training and education

With training and education we ensure that personnel at all levels within an organization understand their roles and responsibilities regarding quality management.

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Help you with ongoing activities and processes that organization need to put in place to ensure the continual effectiveness, relevance and improvement of the system in accordance with the standard.

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Certification support

We can help you with selection of certification body, support for certification applications, support during the audit and findings analysis and proposal of remediation.

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Internal audit

Internal audits help organizations assess the performance and compliance of their quality management processes, identify areas for improvement and ensure ongoing conformity with standard requirements..