ISO/IEC 42001 - Artificial Intelligence Management System (AIMS)

ISO/IEC 42001 is the world's first Artificial intelligence Management System (AIMS) standard, offering valuable guidance in this rapidly evolving field of technology. It addresses the unique challenges that AI presents, such as ethical considerations, transparency, and continuous learning. 

The ISO/IEC 42001 standard provides guidelines for the governance of AI, including ethical considerations, risk management, and transparency. By implementing these guidelines, organizations can ensure that their AI systems are designed and used in a responsible and trustworthy manner.

ISO/IEC 42001 is not just a set of guidelines, but a visionary standard that provides organizations with a comprehensive framework for managing learning systems. It goes beyond conventional learning methods and highlights a systematic approach to identifying, planning, implementing, monitoring, and improving learning initiatives.

For organisations, it establishes a structured approach to managing AI risks and opportunities while balancing innovation and governance. It is more than a standard; it is a road map that ensures our journey into the world of artificial intelligence. Is not just innovative, but also ethical, responsible, and simply needed.


How can we help y​ou?

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GAP assessment

Evaluation of organization's current artificial intelligence management practices against the requirements outlined in the standard in order to identify the gaps or areas where the current practices fall short of the standard's requirements.

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Implementation is a strategic process that organizations undertake to protect their artificial intelligence practices with the goal of ensuring the management of Artificial intelligence products.

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Training and education

With training and education we ensure that personnel at all levels within an organization understand their roles and responsibilities regarding artificial intelligence management.

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Help you with ongoing activities and processes that organization need to put in place to ensure the continual effectiveness, relevance and improvement of the system in accordance with the standard

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Certification support

We can help you with selection of certification body, support for certification applications, support during the audit and findings analysis and proposal of remediation.

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Internal audit

Internal audits help organizations assess the performance and compliance of their artificial intelligence management processes, identify areas for improvement and ensure ongoing conformity with standard requirements.